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Tutoring tailored to you

Specialist tutoring is available for all age groups, and normally takes place on a weekly or fortnightly basis in the client’s home, school or workplace.

Multi-sensory teaching methods are used to enable all learners, regardless of ability and underlying learning needs, to achieve their full potential in a fun and nurturing environment.  New concepts are taught through practical, hands-on activities and games, which are regularly reinforced until the learner is secure with the new skills.

Revision and consolidation are an important aspect of the learning process; individual tuition through personalised teaching programmes allows learners to progress at their own pace, revising and revisiting areas as necessary.

Close attention is paid to the manner in which each student learns best, and the teaching style and process is then adapted as appropriate.  For older students, time is also spent developing strategies and techniques to enable them to participate freely and independently in everyday life.  For example, organisational skills can be addressed, alongside study and work-based skills.

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